New York AFCC Chapter was formed in 2002 as an organization where individual judges, lawyers, court administrators and personnel, mental health professionals, mediators, and all those concerned with the welfare of children and families can dialogue and network with each other about how to improve the treatment of families and children in the court.


New York AFCC Chapter is an interdisciplinary, international association of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through the resolution of family conflict. The New York AFCC Chapter promotes a collaborative approach to serving the needs of children among those who work in and with family law systems, encouraging education, research and innovation and identifying best practices


A justice system in which all professionals work collaboratively through education, support, and access to services to achieve the best possible outcome for children and families.[


  • Collaboration and respect among professions and disciplines
  • Learning through inquiry, discussion and debate
  • Innovation in addressing the needs of families and children in conflict
  • Empowering families to resolve conflict and make decisions about their future


AFCC Membership Network

New York AFCC Chapter members are the association’s best and most important resource. The New York AFCC Chapter membership network provides an international network of collegiality, support and timely access to information and resources. New York AFCC Chapter members gather, in person and electronically, to exchange information, share perspectives and work collaboratively on projects. The New York AFCC Chapter’s website, members and staff can quickly help identify resources and information that benefit the busy professional. AFCC convenes members of multiple disciplines in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, from all over the world. AFCC is unique as a professional association because members do not all share a common profession. Rather, AFCC members share a strong commitment to education, innovation and collaboration in order to benefit communities, empower families and promote a healthy future for children.